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Being Useful Buys Engagement

Today’s advertising goes beyond messaging. It’s about engaging customers and prospects with content or solutions that help them. Allstate saw the opportunity to create a digital utility that helps anyone easily inventory and store their personal belongings in the cloud, easily accessible in the event of a catastrophe.

One of a number of apps IQ has designed for Allstate, the Allstate Digital Locker app guides consumers through the process of cataloging their home for insurance purposes by using their phone’s capabilities to make an inventory. A challenging task that we’ve all set ourselves at one time or another now becomes easy and reliable courtesy of Allstate.

Allstate Digital Locker

Extensive user experience testing revealed that people wanted a flexible, cross-platform, approach to the inventory process. As a result we designed a system with multiple ways to capture information, including taking a photo of a room and tagging items, entering items individually or even Googling your property to find its value.

The Digital Locker synchronizes between iOS, Android and the desktop ensuring that if you lose your computer or phone in a catastrophic event, you have an easy roadmap to recovery. It’s an example of a brand using technology to insert themselves into their consumer’s lives with a useful and helpful application.


At IQ we believe that apps are an important part of the digital ecosystem for brands, but with so many  apps getting poor adoption and use from consumers, instead of jumping on every app idea, we regard our first responsibility is to ensure real value for consumers and true viability for our clients.