Hot Spring Spas | IQ

Soaking Up the Leads

The nation’s bestselling spa brand, Hot Spring Spas, needed a new digital home for its products and a revitalized online shopping experience. Informed by our comprehensive strategy work for the brand, which included a study of the consumer decision journey and the behavior patterns of digital native buyers, we focused first on rebuilding the Hot Spring website from scratch.

As the center of a much more sophisticated digital eco-system, the website had to not only nurture and convert interest created in other channels, but also attract search through content driven SEO.


Our strategy work told us exactly what expectations our audience had not only of a spa purchase experience, but also in general, and revealed the primary functional elements that we should focus on and how to position and message the brand at each interaction point.

As Hot Spring Spas’ digital AOR, we not only focused on building a responsive website but also all the other social, search and multi-channel elements, including media placement, that would feed the site as a conversion machine.


As the core of our system, the responsive, CMS-driven site worked perfectly with our lead generation media campaigns designed to drive prospects to the site and presented buyers with a new, product-centric shopping experience that successfully delivers customers to the brand’s dealer network. Core leads went up by 20.5% year-over-year and total form conversion rate grew 24.6%. Traffic to the site increased too thanks to improved media and search efforts with click-through rates increased 153.5% on AdWords and 89.7% on AdCenter year-over-year.