Microsoft | IQ

Introducing a New Idea

Microsoft wanted to empower consumers to store, track and manage their own health information in a single, easily accessible, online location as part of the shift to digital health records. IQ was tasked with developing and executing the strategy to activate the consumer component of the initiative.

Our solution centered on “My Health Info”, a dashboard-based health management platform that offers users a simple view of their personal health information through customizable dashboards and widgets. Built with Silverlight technology, “My Health Info” allows for third-party widget development and licensed dashboard integration. Our associated work also included a new Healthvault site and app, phone apps and the “What’s Next in Health” B2B site.


In addition to strategy, creative and technology, IQ developed the business strategy for this initiative which identifies revenue and partnership channels.

IQ further created the marketing for both consumers and B2B. The challenge was to take a new and complex idea and make it easy to understand. One example of our approach is the commercial seen below, which makes it clear how “My Health Info” from Microsoft can put the power of technology at your fingertips to allow you to manage and track your health data.

IQ has a long history working with Microsoft including work on multiple app development projects, Healthvault and most recently Microsoft Surface.