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Building a Brand Ecosystem

Like many credit unions OCCU needed a marketing plan and goals to drive their growth. This initial foundational work not only gave us direction as to how to bring the brand to life, but also gave us the insights to create a truly member-driven brand where the idea of being a trusted guide becomes real vs. just another advertising slogan.

Credit unions are not like banks or other financial services companies. But often their true advantages are lost in the battle to compete against their often bigger, richer competitors. So we wanted to start by ensuring that members really understood the OCCU difference. From there our mission is build a brand ecosystem, primarily in owned and earned channels, that requires less and less paid media over time.

In order to be a trusted guide a credit union must put the interests of the member first. This includes the responsibility to help members understand financial issues, choices and concepts.

Like most credit unions deposits enable most lending activities. So one of our first priorities was to drive deposits with a deposit campaign. Our initial foray focused on moving people to switch. We developed a simple to use digital  Switch Kit” as well as offers with more tangible reasons for making the switch.

Unifying the brand look and feel both in print, in branches and in other media was another initial challenge. After analyzing  both internal brand usage and competitive  visual branding we have embarked on a methodical process of creating a consistent differentiated visual brand.


Digital is one of the largest marketing opportunities for the brand and as our work to develop a new website gets underway we have begun numerous digital efforts. This process follows the digital plan that was developed as part of our initial strategy work to map the ecosystem of digital channels from sites to social media, what the role and requirements of each is, and how to use digital channels to drive growth and retention.