Under Armour | IQ


Making Workouts Work Online

Under Armour along with IMG, is sparking a movement within the workout community: Combine Training, an intense, open-platform, workout regimen that encompasses all aspects of life. IQ was selected to introduce the new Combine360 brand to athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and trainers all over the world.

In designing the launch of the brand IQ’s teams worked on brand strategy, marketing strategy, and user experience strategy. Central to the launch was a website. Combine360.com was designed to raise awareness, explain the science behind combine training and provide low-barrier entry points to get involved. Once engaged, the site helps an athlete can find certified trainers, create an account, keep track of their workouts and sign up for combine training assessment events.


The training approach is all about tracking data over time and watching as the results steadily improve. That led to data oriented functionality on the site and in mobile. In addition we created content such as a series of video showing the system in practice. IQ’s responsibilities included brand strategy, user experience strategy, concept, design, development, video production.