VALIC Case Study | IQ


Retirement Made Easy

AIG division VALIC, an insurance company that specializes in retirement, investment and financial services, selected IQ to rethink and redesign its presence in digital channels to better serve its large customer base.

Starting with the website, we used our extensive experience in financial services to craft the hub of their marketing system; an intuitive user experience centered around financial education, which empowered consumers and brought meaning to their brand.



As part of the process we considered the site’s role in the brand’s ecosystem and integrated search, social and content strategies designed to work in tandem. We started with a series of videos depicting the challenges VALIC customers face. At the same time, we reimagined the brand with a series of general educational videos featuring a new voice and look for the brand. Through this, we were able to make finding financial content simpler while helping VALIC customers ensure they’re on the right track to a better retirement. IQ has a long history of working with financial services companies, including iShares, Wells Fargo, Suntrust and New York Life, where being able to translate the complexity of the subject matter into engaging experiences is essential.