Yamaha | IQ


Putting Consumers at the Center

There’s no feeling quite like being on the water, especially in a Yamaha. But everyone enjoys the water differently — from relaxed cruisers to watersports enthusiasts. That’s where a deep understanding of our client’s different audiences comes in.

At IQ all our work is built on a disciplined approach to strategy which is designed to reveal how prospects and customers use digital channels to explore, evaluate and buy products.

As Yamaha’s digital AOR, we have come to know our target audiences well. This informs our work such as for their websites. With most clients their website has become the center of their acquisition and conversion system and Yamaha Boats and Waverunners sites are no different.

That means that the sites are designed to acquire, cultivate and convert leads who are then fed into the dealer network.  This requires a comprehensive understanding of consumer decisions journeys as well as close integration of search, social and content marketing.

But when all the strategy work is done and the system is set and running, we always remember that in the end people also respond to beauty, design and the elegance of the user experience, as you can see with our work for Yamaha.