The Client:

OCCU is a member-owned credit union based in Eugene, Oregon.

The Challenge:

Oregon Community Credit Union needed to increase membership among younger Millennials. Because this demographic is notoriously difficult for the financial sector to reach with traditional media, we sought an alternative path.

Our Solution:

We spoke to Millennials on their own terms, in their own language, by harnessing the power of a trending pop culture trend: that doing something an adult would do means you're "Adulting". By OCCU agreeing that “the struggle is real,” the brand showed empathy for young adults taking on new challenges. At the same time, we set ourselves up as a partner who could empower their ability to control their finances.


From trucker hats to coffee mugs that read "I brewed this myself," our messaging was quickly circling campus.


A dedicated microsite rated students' Adulting skills with a quiz and drove checking account sign-ups.

Email Newsletter

A monthly email newsletter "Cha-Ching" offered topical financial advice for Millennials just starting to manage their own finances.

The Results:

• 24k Snapchat filter views in 36 hours

• 905 Students and parents actively engaged

• 65 New accounts opened in a single day

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