OCCU Member


The Client:

OCCU is a member-owned credit union based in Eugene, Oregon.

The Challenge:

Credit unions are not like banks or other financial services companies. But often their true advantages are lost in the battle to compete against their often bigger, richer competitors. We wanted to ensure that members and prospective members really understood the OCCU difference.

The Solution:

After talking to OCCU members, we found that they had really strong feelings about their credit union. IQ wanted to present this in a way that was as genuine and distinctly Oregonian. And no one could communicate our clients' strengths better than the members themselves. So, with little more than beautiful Oregonian backgrounds and a simple green chair representing OCCU, we let them tell their stories.

The Results:

OCCU saw 7.9% Boomer growth and 12% Millennial growth during the time our testimonial campaign ran. We also turned the content into an integral part of a successful branch expansion to the Portland area.

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