Pergo Website

The Client:

Pergo is the world's most recognized laminate flooring brand.

The Challenge:

IQ Agency was tasked with launching a new, responsive website for that provided an inspirational customer experience, consumer education, and an efficient shopping process.

Our Solution:

From a design standpoint, our goal was to elevate the brand to move it away from the negative "laminate" stereotypes. Durability and Style are the key features promoted throughout the site.

The site was built in Sitecore, a CMS that was customized for our clients needs: to manage the website on a day-to-day basis without a developer's help.


After much organization and reorganization of the site map and navigation, we arrived at a beautiful and clean solution. Using a mega nav, we were able to create an easy-to-navigate site, while incorporating additional space for inspiration and promotion.


We created a photo gallery for Pergo's hundreds of room scenes. Here a shopper could easily find inspiration using an intuitive filtering system: style, color and texture.

The Results

Need results

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