Our teams collaborate closely with clients to make magic happen.


Building an AOR relationship from the floor up

Teamwork is a major part of IQ. We even make silly office posters that say, “teamwork makes the dream work” and stick them to each others’ desks. While this is sometimes a cheap ploy to annoy our desk-mates, we do take teamwork pretty seriously. We’re smart, kind people that work closely together to make great work. In the two years we’ve served as the digital AOR for Pergo flooring, we’ve become a close and collaborative part of the Pergo team too.

Working with them, our IQ agile team structure helps us execute excellent initiatives, even under the pressure. From conceptual work like creating campaigns to creating a new, we’ve helped Pergo start from scratch to grow its digital presence. Aside from these projects, we also help Pergo deliver creative digital projects that run online or in-store for Pergo vendors like The Home Depot and Lowe’s. By working as a team, we’re able to help them meet these retailers’ needs, build a stronger digital presence, introduce emerging technology and make groundbreaking work that stands out in the home improvement space.


Finding the whitespace in the firearms industry

At IQ, we work hard to get to know our clients and their competitors. So as Smith & Wesson’s AOR for the past three years, we’ve seen a lot of firearm ads. We’ve seen spec-heavy ads touting guns slapped on plain backgrounds and… well, that’s about it. We wanted to help them stand out from these dull standards. That’s why our relationship with Smith & Wesson has been an opportunity to create and capitalize on innovating, changing firearms dramatically for the better.

So we took a head-on perspective. We jumped into the industry by creating campaigns and promotions that weren’t feature-focused, instead appealing to a specific audience. We work closely with the client to conceptualize and take a deep-dive approach, using in-depth research to shape our campaigns, TV ads and print pieces. By focusing campaigns on the consumers themselves, we’ve helped this iconic American brand reach millions of views, increase engagement from all demographics and make a tangible difference to the brand and their consumers.



Joining the fun with our take on GEICO comedy

GEICO spots aren’t really just ads, they often become a part of pop culture. Quoted by friends, tossed around in daily conversation and racking up millions of YouTube views, GEICO uses honestly simple comedy to generate massive brand awareness. That’s why when GEICO’s Internet Team began looking for new ideas for pre-roll concepts, we were thrilled when they asked us to work with them. Given just a little information about GEICO’s target demographic, they really gave us the opportunity to flex our creative muscles. We concepted several strong campaign ideas for them and, so far, have had the chance to bring one to life. We worked closely with GEICO through all levels of production, from concepting to storyboarding, from production to post.



Across the country, but on the same page

As an Atlanta-based agency, it may seem unusual that one of our biggest clients is a local Oregon credit union. Even though we’re far from their west coast home, we’re very close to their DNA as a company. At both OCCU and IQ, you’ll find an incredibly nice staff of people who can’t wait to jump in and help out. So when you combine the two, the only result is great, collaborative work.

Working with a client that follows the same moral compass makes working hard feel easy. Through our digital, print and social campaigns over the past two years, we’ve formed a tight bond with OCCU as their AOR. We’re constantly deepening our knowledge about finance, Oregon and goals that are important to OCCU — like better serving members and giving back to the community. These goals are at the forefront of every campaign we build for OCCU, and it makes creating together even better.


Helping Yamaha’s watercraft team hone-in on its audiences

As Yamaha’s digital AOR, we’ve always worked to understand the client’s key audience and demographics through intense research before jumping into the creative. Using our learnings as a foundation, we’ve worked with Yamaha on everything from traditional campaigns to restructuring their digital UX to better drive leads to dealers. We tailor everything we do to their specific demographics, which has made their brand stronger.



A agency-client relationship worth singing about

Neighbors help each other. From maintaining the shared space between yards to growing a community garden, it’s just the neighborly thing to do. So when we discovered that our office was just down the road from Pennington, we met them with something better than a plate of cookies. We met them with innovative ideas to help them do more with their brands including Pennington Wild Bird Feed, Pennington Fertilizers and Pennington Grass Seed.

After that, we became more than neighbors. We became their AOR and created everything from radio ads and video content to microsites and billboards. We also grew their social presence by sharing brand values and offering helpful tips to their consumers. Working so close allowed us to collaborate easily and often, building a strong relationship that resulted in helpful, engaging content for consumers and gardening enthusiasts. We also helped them make huge progress with big retailers like Walmart.



Let’s raise a glass to a gorgeous online presence

For us agency folk, ‘refined’ is just another word for dark jeans and an ironed button down. So last year when we began working with the truly elegant Holland America Line, it was time to pull out the good china and raise a glass to exceeding client expectations.

The goal was to create a microsite for their newest ship, ms Koningsdam. What we created was an easy-to-navigate, reusable template that brought the Holland America Line online presence to life. Using our wealth of travel experience, digital capabilities and creative intelligence, we were able to build something just as gorgeous as these cruises themselves, while meeting client needs and challenges like ADA accessibility. Holland America Line was so impressed that they’re continuing to work with us on several designs for their sister-brands. Their team also sent us a case of champagne to toast our accomplishments in true cruise line fashion.



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