Creative? Or creative for creative sake?

As wonderful and wide open as the digital arena is, more and more I feel like banner advertising shares the same characteristics as outdoor advertising. For every brilliant one you see, there’s a thousand that you wish you hadn’t. As an advocate for good work I often wonder why this is? By no means am I an authority on the subject, but after giving it a little thought I’m convinced one way to make digital (and outdoor) advertising better is to pay closer attention to where our message is going to be viewed. I can’t count how many times I’ve heard highly respected creative leaders tout don’t just be creative just for creative sake, well, I feel like that same message applies to the digital world. If it’s not the right time or space don’t go digital for digital sake.  What’s the point of simply getting a message out there if it in fact has no business being there? In my opinion, creative media placement can make just as much of a difference as the message itself.

Speaking of placement, right or wrong, this ad placement for Aflac is too funny to not show off.

If only every banner ad was as cleverly thought out, the world wide web would be a much better place.

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