5 Essentials of Effective Infographics

Infographic How To

Using data visualization to power your content marketing strategy.

Infographics are popping up everywhere. They’re in your newsfeeds, on blogs, in emails, on websites. Topics range from big data to big beards and they even have their own sharing platform called Visual.ly. Infographics are one of today’s hot social media trends because they work. Whether you want to follow the zombie evolution or track emerging financial markets, data visualization using infographics is a new effective content marketing strategy because it makes it easy to consume big, complex ideas.

Using infographics as part of a larger content marketing strategy has several advantages. They are visual so they fit right in to the increasingly visual web, and they are easily shared in social media across image-driven platforms like Pinterest, Tumblr and Visual.ly.  They also let you present, what otherwise might be boring, hard-to-consume data in an entertaining, arresting and easily shared format. The best infographics are elegantly simple, creative and compelling, but like many things, creating effective data visualization is not quite as easy as it may appear.

That’s why the IQ data visualization team has developed this infographics how-to guide to help you jump on hot social media trends, and an accompanying infographic that sums it all up, of course.

5 simple steps to show you how to effectively create infographics as part of your content marketing strategy.

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