3 Technology Game-Changers

Part of our job at IQ Agency is to make sure our clients don’t get blind-sided by new technologies, devices or changes in consumer behavior. So we make sure we know what’s going on and what’s coming. Being the founder and board chair of SoDA, the Society of Digital Agencies helps because it lets us at IQ see what many of the most advanced, innovative agencies and companies in the world are working on. Here is a glimpse of some technologies that look like they might bring a big change in the not too distant future.

1. Virtual Reality is Real Now

Virtual Reality

The Oculus headset at SoDA’s “What’s Next” meeting.

The first is virtual reality from Oculus Rift. This is a company, bought by Facebook last year, which is near to perfecting a virtual reality headset. I tried it, it is not a toy, and it is already remarkable. Imagine a viewing experience with normal peripheral vision. The image you see is an environment that responds to your movements almost exactly as it would in life. One of the programs I tried had me as a judge on “The Voice”. When I looked to my left there was the real Blake Shelton, when I looked to my right I could see Gwen Stefani in the next seat over. I can easily see how disruptive immersive, VR experiences will be, first in games, then in entertainment and marketing.  It reminded me of a movie called “Strange Days” which posits a future in which virtual reality is more seductive than life itself. I think this technology, which is going to market very soon, will take a little while to filter down to marketing, but once people have the headsets, the marketing applications will be endless.

2. Augmented Reality – Not a Gimmick Anymore

Style My Floor AR app

“Style My Floor” AR app

Augmented reality is also getting ready for prime time. Right now we use it for things like the “Style My Floor” app my agency just designed for a flooring company, where you can instantly see what your floors would look like in any number of different materials. But this technology is evolving fast to enable a virtual layer on life. Imagine seeing driving directions actually on the street, like the down markers in a football game, or vacancy signs at hotels, or a big arrow in the sky pointing at the building you are going to.  The marketing applications, especially for retail business will know no bounds.

3. The Data Layer is Forming

Google Glass by Luxotica

Fashion versions of Google Glass from Luxottica

Now hold that thought about augmented reality and think about what’s happening with Google Glass. I know, it may seem like an irrelevant novelty after all the empty hype. But things are quietly a-foot. Luxottica, the biggest eyewear company in the World, has partnered with Google to produce fashion versions of Google Glass that will look just like regular glasses. This will enable all of us to walk around life informed by a layer of data. Imagine what might be useful when you can get environment specific data in your glasses. Now combine a wearable device like this with all the data that the “Internet of Things” will produce, AND the possibilities of augmented reality, and you can see the potential. Before long I think this living data layer will be as ubiquitous as the smart phone and we will all, marketers included, wonder what we did without it.

4. Getting Ready for Tomorrow

Connect Cultivate Convert

All these technologies, and others are on their way, but brands will only be able to take advantage of them if they are ready. That means getting their marketing ecosystem, which is now predominantly digital, wired up and operating.  This is not quite as easy as it sounds but has to be done. It starts with having a sophisticated consumer-centric strategy built around the new dynamics of the digital consumer. All these fantastic new technologies are coming, but if brands haven’t done these basics, they won’t have a marketing ecosystem to connect them to.

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