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Creative is the last mile and we’re good at it. IQ has won hundreds of awards for creative and content.



In today's complex market, nothing is more important than strategy. The new consumer needs a new strategy.



Great technology enables great user experience. This application for Allstate won customers as well as awards.



Social media amplifies everything. This example for Pennington Bird Seed combines smart social strategy and great content.

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Nothing is more important than strategy. In this complex marketplace the only way to win consistently is with strategy. Without the right strategy, creative, technology and execution are a waste of time. At IQ, our strategic approach is smarter. We map the consumer decision journey and translate it into an actionable plan that we call the Playbook. The Playbook produces more targeted, more efficient and more effective marketing.

A whitepaper about the Consumer Decision Journey or A Guide for the New Marketing Methods

It is only by exploring how each audience segment moves down the path to purchase, and how they form their attitudes and opinions, that we know how to influence them. We don’t guess, we make sure we know, and along the way the insights we discover set the stage for compelling tactics. The Playbook lays out a detailed tactical roadmap with all the specifics required for execution and performance measurement. This comprehensive process gives brands a plan that ensures that tactics work together and achieve strategic objectives within ROI goals.
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