New Work: VALIC

Making complex things like financial services easy to understand and engaging is no easy matter. That’s why VALIC, a major financial services company, turned to IQ. With deep experience in the category, IQ created this new website with an entirely new approach, design and new content, including this series of videos, also produced and created by IQ.  VALIC’s retirement offerings can often be confusing and difficult to grasp for consumers, which is why IQ and VALIC set out to change that by designing an engaging web experience complemented by two series of videos, one about consumers’ goals and the other about understanding financial concepts.

Above are two videos which are part of the series of 5 retirement goals videos created for VALIC.  Each was shot in about 850 separate frames and produced using a mix of stop-motion and animation.  IQ’s animators cut out over 1,000 tiny paper shapes and props to build a total of 200 objects used in the videos.  Even more impressive, each video was produced in 7-10 days!

For a look at the site, click the image below:


Click here to view more of IQ’s financial services work.

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