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2016 Super Bowl Advertising Commercials Wrap Up

Some IQers watch the Super Bowl just for the commercials. Here are some of our favorite and not-so-favorite commercials from this year’s “big game.”

The Good:

Audi – This is exactly the kind of emotionally driven commercials auto companies need to run with right now to get consumers to buy cars that aren’t just your basic vanilla get you from point A to point B types.  Basically, if you want someone to buy your super expensive sports car – you need emotion.  If you want someone to buy your poorly built piece of junk – you need emotion.

 ACURA NSX – David Lee Roth was the perfect voice for their target audience. I have listened to my husband play that exact track of David Lee Roth’s isolated voice repeatedly for years. He was very inspired by it. I’m so glad it now serves a more useful purpose. 😉

Doritos – Some people were offended by this spot but it was my favorite of the night – the only one I literally LOL’ed at.  It was the epitome of a “WTF” moment and whether people loved or hated it, it’s getting the most coverage and attention.

Amazon Echo – I’m a fan of the product anyway but I like that they featured the product more than just making it all about the celebrities (My husband and I tested it and we got the same answers she gave in the commercial). Also, smart marketing strategy to have the Twitter promoted trend the day after the ad ran for additional context.

Budweiser/Helen Mirren drunk driving – An important message delivered in a way that makes you want to be responsible. Less memorable is who sponsored the commercial.

The Bad:

MINI Cooper – Being different.  It made me feel like they wanted to be just like every other company that wants to “be different.”  MINI has such an amazing story and sadly no one will ever hear it because they never talk about it.  Disappointed.

Social Finance AKA “SoFi” – The worst commercial. For the amount of money spent to run the ad, they skimped on the creative process and made a forgettable, bland bank ad. Something you’d 100% skip on YouTube pre-roll.

Split decision:


“I hated and loved it at the same time. So obnoxious. I can’t get it out of my head.” – Carol

“No.  Just…no.  It came on TV, I screamed and I’ve never seen my fiancé run so fast into the living room because he thought I had fallen and likely broke something.” – Emily

“I loved Puppy/Monkey/Baby so much it’s my new ringtone.  Not only was it hysterically entertaining, we’re all talking about it today! It also reminded me of the 2004 Quizno’s commercial featuring singing rats. Yeah, I loved that one too.” – Russ

You can watch every 2016 Super Bowl commercial online here.

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