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The 2017 SoDA Report

IQ is proud to be a founding member of The Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA), a global network of more over 100 digital agencies across 6 continents.  Recently,  SoDA released the 8th edition of The SoDA Report at SoDAReport.com.  The 2017 SoDA Report is a collection of industry articles, thought-leadership POVs, and trends. The report includes a Global Digital Outlook study, performed in partnership with Forrester.

Additionally, IQ’s President and COO, Kevin Smith had a featured article, “The Shifting Role of CMO to Technologist“:

This year, Gartner’s once eyebrow-raising 2012 prediction that CMOs would spend more on technology than CIOs will be confirmed as true.

According to their CMO Spend Survey in 2016, the average technology spend of a CMO was 3.2% of total revenue, whereas a CIO’s was 3.4%. The report cites that the average marketing expense budget earmarks 27% for technology, a percentage second only to labor costs at 28%.

To those reading this SoDA Report, it won’t come as a shock that marketing is increasingly technology-dependent. It also shouldn’t be surprising that the role of the CMO is changing, and agencies must adapt.

This new “Technologist-CMO” role will be part-strategist and part-technology leader. It is one that will be tasked with aligning marketing technology with business goals, serving as a liaison to IT, evaluating and choosing technology providers, as well as spearheading enhancements to the overall digital customer experience.

Read the rest of the article, as well as others within the 2017 SoDA Report, here.
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