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YouTube Marketing Tips

In my last blog post, I wrote about why brands should care about YouTube. So now that you’re on board and ready to dive in, here are some YouTube marketing tips you should know.

First: The scariest thing about YouTube is the trolls. They are everywhere, they are vicious, and they will show up in the comments section of each of your videos. But don’t let that dissuade you, and definitely don’t just turn off the comments to your video (we’ll get to that in a minute). Just be prepared, roll with the punches, and let them be trolls unless they have a (rare) legitimate complaint.

Second: YouTube is not a video hosting site. Sure, you can upload all of the video content you have that was created for other channels just to store it or for a quick way to embed them into your website. But this is a social network (pop quiz: with how many active people? Right, 1 billion!) so you’ve got to be social and you’ve got to create content specifically designed for YouTube.

What is content specifically designed for YouTube?

There is no single answer to that question, so all I can say is that you need to understand why your target consumers use it. Are they looking for instructions for how to do something around the house? If so, show them. Are they looking for a comparison between different brands in the same category? Show them an honest comparison. If you’re looking for some quick tips:

  • Be short – keep videos under 5 minutes.
  • Invest in quality.
  • Personality is important. Be creative and find someone interesting to be in the video.

Third: Google owns YouTube, and that makes it even more important. Treat your video content on YouTube like you would a blog post on your website in terms of SEO. Keywords matter. Discover-ability is paramount. And syndication will build your audience.

Your channel might not get a million subscribers, but in most cases that isn’t important. What is important is that when a consumer in your category starts searching for content, you are there to provide it.

And lastly: Video has the power to create an emotional bond between your brand and your consumer, more so than other content types.  Use that to your advantage by making content that reaches consumers regardless of where they are on the decision journey – whether just trying to figure out what product they need to evaluating which brand to choose from once they’ve made a decision to buy.

This is part 2 of an on-going series on YouTube advertising.

Check back next week for “How to Utilize YouTube’s Partner Program”

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