Blogging: A New Entry into The CDJ


Much like Twitter, blogging can be little more than shouting in the wind. Brands feel required to have a blogging presence and the result is mediocre blog posts that have just gone through the motions rather than being written from passion and expertise.

“There is a greater need, in the noisy online world, to create stand-out material that is widely and consistently promoted, distributed, and shared,” declares Katy Howell. However, blog posts should not be written just to meet the need of an online presence.  Blogs should be curated to contain consumable, conversational, and shareable content. “When you publish something, you’re practically starting a debate. You’re asking people to pitch in, inviting them for a cup of conversation,” says Michael Gorman. Read more about how valuable blogs can be with gathering insight and becoming a part of your customer’s journey here.

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