The Client:

OCCU is a member-owned credit union based in Eugene, Oregon.

The Challenge:

We began working with Oregon Community Credit Union in 2014 with the challenge of helping them refresh their brand in a way that would help attract younger, Millennial members without alienating their older, existing membership.

The Strategy:

We began with a discovery period where we held in-person interviews with key stakeholders and competitive research of six main competitors. Armed with these insights, our creative team developed three brand concepts for OCCU’s review—each including details and rationale for color palette, font, imagery, voice/tone, as well as examples of how the concept would appear in an actual ad or collateral piece. We approached the logo redesign part of the brand refresh in a way that we’ve found successful with other clients’ logo redesigns, which is to begin with a logo exercise with stakeholders. Coming out of the exercise, we knew OCCU wanted to shorten their name to ”OCCU”, modernize their logo, but maintain the essence of their previous diamond mark for loyal OCCU members and employees who have known and loved OCCU for many years.

The Solution:

We knew we needed to design a logo simple enough to work well on print applications and web, as well as being able to scale down well on mobile. Along with the logo redesign, we also updated OCCU’s tagline from “Nice. Remarkably Nice.” to “It’s different here.” to better reflect OCCU’s above and beyond service, as well as the community that OCCU and Oregonians are extremely passionate about.

The Results:

• Appealed to younger generations, without alienating their older membership base.

• Identified and promoted their core differentiator.

• Developed clear brand pillars tied to their vision, mission, and value proposition.

• Advanced goal of creating a seamless omnichannel experience in order to meet the expectations of savvy members.

+12% Millennial Growth YoY

+42% Online Members YoY

-47% Bounce Rate YoY

+7.9% Boomer Growth YoY

+281% Social Referrals YoY

+190% Conversions YoY

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