April 11, 2016, posted by iq

Great Ads (Can) Still Exist

Great Ads Can Still Exist

We see a lot of ads. And if you watch any 1-hour-cable TV-non-bingeable shows, you see a lot of ads. Some shows are even sped up to add more commercial time.

In the midst of a (seemingly) 15-minute commercial break, how many times have you thought, “Gee, that was a great ad!” I could answer that but dividing by zero is mathematically impossible. Okay, maybe just a few times throughout any given year or Seinfeld marathon. Good ads can exist.

Of course, great ads are created with a great strategy. But these ads are never a literal re-stating of “support points” or marketer’s jargon. Often times, the ones that stick with you don’t mention a price or even a sale of any sort. Most ads might even say too much without being remotely interesting. As Bob Hoffman wisely states, “What we say and what we communicate are two very different things”.

One of the best ads this year actually says nothing at all. No dialogue, no features or benefits. Just stellar visuals matched with great music selection. 

You’ve likely seen this ad from Honda, as it hit airwaves in January. You may have also also looked up the catchy tune that plays throughout (Empire of the Sun’s “Walking On A Dream”).

It introduces a new model, but it doesn’t need to tell you to “buy”. It manages to keep the brand position (technology-focused/innovation) while pleasing the emotions of the viewer. 

By choosing the right music, Honda also effectively gave a broader audience a reason to check it out. It’s a great, catchy song — that was released way back in 2008. With over 2 million views on Honda’s YouTube channel and television spots running, the ad even boosted the song back to Billboard’s Hot 100 charts, getting the praise it finally deserves. 

Good job to everyone involved. Now back to your regular scheduled Netflix binge.

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