IQ at Social Media Day

Yesterday felt like most days. I tweeted and checked in. I became the official mayor of IQ Interactive, stealing the reigns from Director of Technology Charles Duncan, but I’m not bragging! But alas, yesterday was no normal day… it was the Mashable anointed Social Media Day! All around the world, over 600 meetups were organized to celebrate the role of social media and its driving forces in the world. Mashable picked June 30th as Social Media Day, “a day to celebrate the changes in media that have empowered us to stay connected to information in real time, the tools that have enabled us to communicate from miles apart, and the platforms that have given a voice to the voiceless”. I for one, celebrate social media everyday, but a once a year designated day to point it out is alright with me. It’s like Valentine’s Day, but for nerds.

In Atlanta, the Mashable Meetup was organized at the new think space the Hub, off of Spring Street. The Hub is a very interesting and admirable venue in Atlanta that opened up in the spring as a workspace for community leaders and problem solvers. It is literally a place for people to come together, dream big, make plans or designs, you name it to solve issues or make things happen in Atlanta.

The highlight of the Social Media meetup was a panelist of social media folks that included:

Christina Warren, Mashable
Amanda Lauter, Mailchimp
Andy Meeks, ScoutMob
Tessa Horehled, Think Interactive, Inc.
Joe Hamm, Mobilization Labs (Moderator)

Senior Experience Architect Su Cox and I represented the IQ team at the social event. We even got front row seats for the panel discussion. The panel covered questions about how the experts  handle flame wars, insights on new social media trends, and talked about how social media is going more mobile. At the end of the discussion, questions were taken through tweets with the hashtag #smdayATL, but of course that wasn’t working. My question that I retweeted well over an appropriate number of times was, “How does someone qualify as a social media “GURU”? Education, experience, followers?” When every business feels the need to jump on the social media bandwagon, they turn to professionals for social media strategies and advice. Social media as we know it today is so new, who possibly went to school for it? And even if they did, everything changes so rapidly, can they still talk the talk? Often times I wonder, who actually has the say so in the matter. Is it the young hot shot who became a YouTube star and had instant follow success? They can generate numbers for themselves, but was their success maybe just a one off thing that they aren’t able to replicate? Is it instead the person with a business strategy background that knows enough about social media lingo but doesn’t necessarily engage in content creation themselves?

Who isn’t taking part in social media? With stats like “over 80% of people use social media monthly” it often seems to me that anyone thinks they can jump in and speak on the topic. We are all pretty experienced with social media after all. So what factors make you trust someone with your brand and dialog?

Happy Belated Social Media Day!

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