January 16, 2017, posted by Winston Quin

Adding Live Streaming Video to Your Marketing

As video rapidly overtakes other forms of media, live streaming, in particular, has opened up a new and exciting route of communication with consumers. And while technology provides the opportunity for brands to engage via immersive experiences like never before, it’s not done without the marketing team’s courage to experiment and (literally) live in the moment.

What streaming video does – whether it’s through YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram – is allow brands to connect in a more intimate way with their audience and encourage participation in brand storytelling. As this is ‘unscripted,’ there are obvious risks – however, if live streaming fits your brand and your audience, it will result in much deeper relationships with your consumers.

Tough Mudder Harnesses Power of Live Stream

Few brands have applied the power of live streaming like the extreme fitness company, Tough Mudder.

Tough Mudder Live Streaming

If you’re not familiar with Tough Mudder, it is an obstacle-riddled marathon, with a variety of physical challenges (in addition to the running) that has helped them build a devoted community around the brand.

This past year, Tough Mudder leveraged their resident influencer (I mean, just look at those shorts!), Coach T. Mud, and live streamed a training event letting people see what it’s like to run the event.

Live Streaming Tough Mudder

Not a stranger to video, Tough Mudder already works with a few brands to create energy-packed and engaging content for Old SpiceMerrellUS ArmyTeam Rubicon, and Wounded Warrior Project.

A large number of influential users placed Tough Mudder in the spotlight of social media last year, inspiring individuals and enticing brands.

Why Live Stream Fit

Because of their love for the experience, and a desire to document it, Tough Mudders were early adopters of head-mounted Go Proaerial Drones, and 360-degree video. This Tough Mudder audience has adapted effortlessly to live-streaming, and with events across the globe, on a regular basis, a staggering volume of branded and earned media has accumulated over the last few years.

Live Streaming Tough Mudder

Is Live Streaming Video Right For You?

As technology continues to improve and social platforms increasingly push live video above other content, more marketers will turn to Live Streaming as an effective way to reach and engage with their audience, but that doesn’t mean that live streaming is right for every brand. Here are a few things consider when debating whether or not to take the leap:

  1. Again, live stream video is unscripted. Sure, you can read off a script if you want, but that would be a pretty boring live video. Plus, even if you’re reading off a script, your viewers/commenters are going to be contributing in real time and you’ll need be to be comfortable enough to react, roll with the punches if and when they come, and engage with your audience.
  2. You still need a plan. Just because it’s unscripted, doesn’t mean you should be unfocused. Build a plan, whether it’s an outline or notes know what topics you want to address, how you’re going to incorporate comments, and how you will end the video.
  3. Choose the right platform and commit. An easy way to look at this is to pick where your audience already exists, whether it’s Facebook, YouTube or Instagram, and use that as your live streaming platform. But once you begin live streaming, try and maintain a consistent schedule and don’t jump platforms or else it will be near impossible to build your audience and gain momentum.
  4. Promote your live streaming. Let people know when and where you’re going to be live streaming. Furthermore, let them know what to expect, whether it’s a particular topic or guest you’ll have greater odds of building an audience and seeing engagement if people are aware and prepared.
  5. Be Authentic. Consumers expect more transparency from brands, and live streaming is a perfect way to open up that kind of dialogue. Learning to listen and respond to the people that make up your brand’s audience is a skill worth cultivating and leveraging in your live videos.
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