Organize your Windows Phone Start Screen

A few weeks ago I attended Microsoft MIX11 out in Las Vegas, A developer conference that showcases all of the new and incredible advances Microsoft has made in the last year. I was there to learn anything and everything I could about the Windows Phone 7 platform.

After breakfast each morning I’d break away from Roger, IQ’s Technical Lead, to learn how to make things delightful, while he’d go with the other developers to talk about quasars and 88 gigawatt capacitors or whatever.

At the end of the day we’d reconnect over dinner and talk about how we could take the things we’d learned from that day’s sessions and use them to corner a market and eventually take over the world. It always started with “you know what would be cool” and after a few beers end with me saying “Hell yeah Roger, this time next year… Lamborghinis”.

Lets say there was a feeling of entrepreneurism in the air that was not lost on us.

Well I’d like to introduce you to an idea born of $25 Kobe beef burgers and Watermelon Four Loko, which with any luck will have me howling down the Atlanta streets in a Murciélago by Christmas.

Windows Phone users… Have you ever wished you could have just a little more organization on your start screen? Maybe you could use some tiles that allow you to separate your apps by categories?

Wish no longer…

With these pre-sized images designed and developed by Roger (@smartyp) and myself (@mccanless) you will be able to easily organize even the nastiest start screen.

Simply visit this page on your phone, tap on a tile below, and pin the site to your start screen – no scaling or resizing needed.

The pin option in Internet Explorer:

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