The new guy's thanksgiving

I know, Thanksgiving is still 10 days away. And I’m the new guy posting on the company blog. Two strikes. However, on my first day as art director at IQ, there are a few things for which I’m thankful.

1. Remembering the pass code on the employee entrance door. I think I was the third person to show up this morning and am glad I didn’t have to wait outside like a visitor till someone else showed up.

2. My shiny, new MacBook Pro. We’re going to be great friends.

3. The comfort of finally being in Atlanta. Planning for a move is the worst part. Unpacking boxes is much less stressful.

4. A 6 hour drive in a 22′ moving truck (while towing my car) being behind me. I’m not cut out for driving large vehicles like that. I wear contacts but fear my eyes are actually crooked on my head because every time I was confident both giant wheels were in between the lines, I would be dreadfully wrong.

5. The beautiful fall foliage out the window behind my new desk. I realize that when winter claims all the leaves, it won’t be as inspiring, but for now, it makes me happy.

6. Coworkers who don’t mind me repeatedly asking them their name. I’ve met a Chris, Ross, Dan, Tyler, Winston, Colby, Alice, Zach, Gary (and others) but have no chance of matching them up to the right face.

7. Being so close to work. Since I got an apartment as close as possible to the office, my morning commute was a grand total of four minutes. Four minutes! Take that Atlanta!

8. Being surrounded by people who I know will make me better. The only way to grow is to be around people who are better than me. My sleeves are rolled up. Let’s get started.

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