Windows Phone Creative Director – Mike Kruzeniski Lists His Favorite Metro Apps

Mike Kruzeniski is a Creative Director at Microsoft, working in the Windows Phone design studio. He recently posted on his blog his top 12 favorite Metro design Windows Phone applications, based on visual design style. His top picks include Kindle, Bank of America, Evernote, DC Comics, Flickr, and the New York Times. Kruzeniski’s list includes examples of the great work going on in the Windows Phone and Windows 8 space. Check out a few snapshots below and even more from Kruzeniski’s site

At the top of Kruzeniski’s list (although I don’t think order was relevant) were two of my favorite and most used iPhone applications: Kindle and Bank of America. All of the brands in the list have noteworthy applications on competitor platforms. I find the Metro design versions fresh and visually more appealing than the iPhone or Android counterparts. What do you think?

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