March 6, 2017, posted by iq

Majority of Women Distrust Brands [Infographic]

A new study released by SheSpeaks, an influencer company for women, highlights significant distrust that currently exists between women and brands.

Marketing to Women | A Distrust of Brands

The survey, which over 2,100 women nationwide participated in, found that 80% have a distrust of ads. For 61% of respondents, their distrust is due to the belief that brands don’t live up to their promises.

Yet, 88% of those surveyed do believe that social media is helping to keep brands honest. The access and transparency that social media empowers consumers with a sense that they can hold brands accountable for their actions.

For brands, this highlights a clear need to focus on social as a channel that not only promotes your brand and products but develops a responsive relationship with your customers and prospects. In fact, 79% of the women surveyed stated that a demonstrated commitment to doing the right thing helps drive a brand’s trustworthiness and, often, social media is the best way for a brand to communicate and reinforce that commitment.

Another interesting stat from the survey was that longevity does not guarantee trustworthiness. Only 44% said they would be more likely to trust a company that had been around for a long time. More important to building trust was a commitment to quality ingredients/materials (71%).

Women Statistics Trust Brands Infographic

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